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Dienstag, 27. März 2018, 18:04

Pulp Alley Campaign Episode 4 AAR: The Ambush

Nächste Episode unserer spannenden Pulp-Kampagne:

Mitsuhide and his Soldiers finally managed to trace Dr. Meisenheimer and kidnap him. Now they are on the way to the coast where a submarine is waiting to bring them home to Japan. But Ilja Stoianev followed them and prepared an ambush. And of course the Nazis won´t give up….

The Japanese have to cross the table with Dr. Meisenheimer in tow, the Russians will ambush them from both sides. The Germans will show up at some point, too!

Dr. Meisenheimer is the main plot point. Catching minor plot points by the Japanese will increase the distance he can move this turn, catching plot points by the Russians will decrease his speed. The Germans are not interested in Plot Points, they are treated as NPCs.

The NKVD agents tried to move into position but soon came under fire from the Japanese defenders. Ouch!!

In turn 2, some Germans show up at both sides of the playing field! Unlucky ones...

The Japanese managed to make steady progress to the other end of the tabletop, keeping the Russians from getting closer. Heavy fire everywhere!

Leutnant Ölgemöller attacked the Japanese rearguard and was shot down, but he recovered.

Thanks to solving a minor plot point, Mitsuhide could force Dr. Meisenheimer to run along the street. Only one more move to go….

Leutnant Ölgemöller was shot down again, but recovered a second time!

The End of Game:

The japanese elite warriors once again remained victorious, and Dr.Meisenheimer is now on the way to Tokyo, bringing his expertise to the Imperial Military – at least this is what the Tenno expects.

The Germans have to continue their secret project without him, but this is only a delay – they already established a secret base somewhere on a remote pacific island. The Russians as well as the Japanese Military Secret service had some clues where to search, and send their agents on a mission to find the base.

Next Episode will follow: Jungle Search
"My Lord, I have a cunning plan!"


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Dienstag, 27. März 2018, 20:26

Sehr schön,
ob Dr. Meisenheimer mit Stäbchen zurechtkommen wird oder mit Hilfe aus Japan fliehen kann ?
Gruß Velox



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Dienstag, 27. März 2018, 21:53

Sehr schön!
Ich erweitere meine Gruppe bis zum nächsten Spiel noch etwas, allerdings werden sie was die Kampfkraft betrifft weiterhin den Japanern nicht gewachsen sein.
Inquisitor Thrax cleared his throat and dictated the last section of his report.