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Montag, 30. April 2018, 18:13

Pulp Alley Campaign Episode 6 AAR: Jungle Search

Still searching the secret Nazi base, the leagues slowly enter the deep jungle of the island. Soon the Japanese had a second encounter with the great snake! This time the monster met his end....

Airgirl fights a great crocodile and succeded.

The Japanese troops enter the ruins in search for the entrance to the german base.

But they are not alone in the jungle. A German patrol assaults them from behind! Finally the leagues got a glimpse of what threat they are really facing on this island…..

Agent Wladimir opens fire with his MP on a japanese veteran.

On the other side the German officer rushes the Imperials.

The dino was slain in close combat! Now it gets personal…

German hunting dinos enter the battlefield.

And the german officer was out of the fight.

A grenade thrown in the middle of the combat ended the battle.

The Russians managed to find the path to the german base. Now it is time to end this threat. But will the two leagues join forces or will they continue to fight each other?

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"My Lord, I have a cunning plan!"


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Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018, 11:59

Das ist total cool. was ihr da macht. Und +1 für die Eureka Nazi-Saurier.