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Donnerstag, 5. April 2018, 13:55

PULP ALLEY Kampagne Episode 5: Jungle Hunt

Nächste Episode unserer Kampagne, diesmal mit vielen Bildern:

The Leagues arrived at the island where they suppose the Germans will have their secret science base. Soon they meet primitive locals. It turns out the locals know the way to the German base and will show it to the strangers, but under one condition:
The well armed strangers must first hunt some of the beasts which peril the area for some time now and threaten the livestock and the inhabitants of their village. Especially a great snake caused terror among them.
The beasts are dangerous enough, but the Germans may be one the hunt, too…..

All plot points are extremely perilous and wandering, representing the beasts wandering through the area. The Germans will show up once the major plot point has been solved.

The NKVD entered the jungle.

The Japanese Soldiers came from the opposite side. This time they had been reinforced with one scout.

Ilja Stoianev tried to catch a crocodile, but had no success!

The Japanese were advancing into the middle of the board.

This time agent Wladimir tried to catch the crocodile, but failed, too!

Now it was Airgirls turn, but……

Dimitar engaged the Japanese Soldiers with his MP and caused some wounds.

The Veterans answered by throwing a grenade, but Dimitar evaded.

Ilja was still on the hunt for this damned crocodile….

The battleground before the Great Elephant God.

Dimitar continued his one-man battle against the Japanese – with success!

But then at last a lone bullet found him.

Ilja took a wound from his nemesis the crocodile, but he did not give up – and finally succeded! It took 5 attempts to catch this beast.

Meanwhile a wounded Veteran catched another beats on one of the rocks.

And it appeared Dimitar was not done yet!

Ilja was badly wounded, but not down.

Mitsuhide entered the cave of the Great Snake!

But she escaped!

This brings the battle to an end. Although some beasts were dispatched, none of the leagues managed to catch the Great Snake.

The natives were not satisfied, and so the Leagues have to go and search the way to the german base on their own.

Next Episode will follow: Jungle Search
"My Lord, I have a cunning plan!"



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Donnerstag, 5. April 2018, 14:11

Top! Hartnäckiges Reptil, schmückt jetzt den Wintergarten.
Inquisitor Thrax cleared his throat and dictated the last section of his report.